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Dujiangyan wanfu hardware co., LTD., founded in1998Years£¬The main production of carbon steel¡¢Alloy steel¡¢Stainless steel¡¢Gray cast iron¡¢Ductile iron casting products, etc£¬Is a collection of production¡¢Processing is a body comprehensive enterprise£¬Mechanical casting industry enjoys high reputation in the southwest area¡£

  • 15000Square

    Cover an area of an area

  • 5000Wan

    Total assets

  • 10000Tons

    The company production capacity

  • ISO

    Standardization certification

The main service

  • Cast steel
  • Cast iron
  • Ordinary carbon steel

    The material£ºZG2aa0000½ðɳÍøÉÏÓéÀֶij¡ÍøÖ· , ZG23aa000450 , ZG27aa000500 , ZG31aa000570 And so on

    On behalf of the product£ºBearing seat¡¢Gear¡¢Coupling¡¢Brackets¡¢Wheel hub¡¢Sets, etc

    Purposes£ºMainly used for Bridges¡¢The ship¡¢Building components¡¢The machine parts, etc

  • Alloy steel

    The material£ºZG35Cr1Mo , ZG42Cr1Mo , ZG40Mn2 , ZG20SiMn , CH000000-00-0-0-0-0£¨ICD-5£©And so on

    On behalf of the product£º The planet carrier¡¢Shell¡¢Orbit¡¢A hinge¡¢Car body mould, etc

    Purposes£ºWidely used in pressure vessel¡¢The boiler components¡¢The ship¡¢Bridges and locomotive, etc

  • Stainless steel

    The material£ºZG1Cr13 , ZG2Cr13 , ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti , ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2And so on

    On behalf of the product£ºThe upper die¡¢Lower die¡¢The crucible¡¢The roll¡¢Guide groove, etc

    Purposes£ºWidely used in electric power¡¢Hydraulic¡¢Heating¡¢Chemical industry¡¢Kerosene¡¢Metallurgy, etc

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The news

One 6 of a millimeter thick aluminum foil effectively protect from quality to reduce the influence of oxygen content

The light£¬Damp£¬The smell of microorganisms or don't need¡£ ¡°More less¡±Aluminum in food£¬Drink£¬Drugs and technology application packaging solutions used in the main reason is the light£¬Cut off gas and water¡£ Even if is very thin£¬Aluminum also provides perfect protection and aroma and the preservation of the product features...